The Romtes Short Circuit Target (SCT) is a simple to operate, inexpensive to maintain, and completely interactive training system designed by an elite team of combat-experienced engineers and tactical training officers.

The SCT is a simple and conventional shooting target that consists of several layers of material, two of which are conductive. When a projectile penetrates the target it creates a short circuit between the two layers that is detected by an electronic system and recorded providing the shooter with immediate feedback of the hit location.


  • SAFETY - Reduced need to cross the firing line
  • FELXIBILITY - For any shooter, tactical, sport or recreational
  • MOBILITY - Lightweight, wireless, easy to operate & relocate
  • VERSITILITY – Any caliber, rifle, weather conditions & range (up to 1700yards)
  • RELIABILITY - 98% Accuracy & only direct hits (no ricochets or other interferences) are recorded
  • TIME EFFICIENT - Quick setup (less than 5 minutes) & Less 'cold' range time
  • INSTANT FEEDBACK – Enables immediate correction & results


  • DATABASE – Continuous shooting skill monitoring
  • DURABILITY - Target system does not need replacing
  • COST EFFECTIVE - Each target can take between 600-800 hits
  • MORE TRAINING - Less time spent on logistics, more time sending lead down range
  • ROBUST - Weather & wind-resistant robust construction
  • PRACTICAL - The Short Circuit target can be stand-alone and static, or fixed to multiple configurations for scenario-based multi-purpose training


The SCT Pro is a wireless target system that includes a fully mobile armor protected stand and a Personal Display Device . The Personal Display Device shows all hits on the targets, as well as the location of hits by scoring zones.


The Short Circuit Target system is a revolutionary and innovative target panel. The target includes two conductive layers that create a short circuit when a projectile penetrates the panels. The hit is registered via our unique holding Grip . targets are almost in any shape and size and contain 2-8 scoring zones . any projectile size can used


The Pop-Up and Rotating System can be added to the SCT and its multiple scoring zones in order to create an endless series of challenging and realistic tactical scenarios. The target system can be stationary or mobile.


The Moving Target System can be added to the SCT and its multiple scoring zones create a more challenging shooting and tactical training environment. The Moving Target System can also be combined with Pop-Up and Rotating Targets. Robotic targets and a rail system are available. The Moving Target System can also be stationary.



Romtes Technologies Ltd. has over twenty-five years of experience in the design, engineering, and installation of live-fire ranges, combat training centers, and multi-level CQB shoot houses. The Romtes team includes military and law enforcement officers with unrivalled tactical and operational expertise, as well as engineers and technicians who combine a practical and innovative vision to the design and construction of live-fire training platforms to meet the needs of any client.

Romtes can provide complete solutions and
services for the creation and equipping of:

  • Static Ranges
  • Dynamic Ranges
  • CQB and MOUT Ranges
  • Infantry Ranges
  • Heavy-Caliber Ranges
  • Sniper Ranges
  • Indoor Ranges

Advanced Target SCT Range with:

  • Pop up targets
  • Rotating targets
  • Pop up and rotating universal targets
  • FAST- Fast assembled SCT
  • SCTRV – SCT moving rover target without track
  • SCTMT – SCT moving targets on tracks
  • Air to ground targets
  • Armored targets
  • Zeroing targets –with hit/miss indication


Romtes Technologies Ltd. is an Israeli-based research, design, and manufacturing firm that has, for close to twenty-five years, specialized in the development and production of interactive live-fire targets and tactical training target systems for military and law enforcement agencies. Incorporating a uniquely Israeli combination of pragmatic innovation, technological common sense, and born-in-battle lessons-learned.

Romtes target systems have revolutionized the training capabilities of Israel’s top-tier counterterrorist, special operations, military, and security service teams. These units, among the finest and most experienced in the world, hone their firearms expertise and tactical capabilities on Romtes targets. Romtes target systems are in use by the elite of Israel’s special operations order of battle, including: the Ya’ma’m, the police national counterterrorist unit; Flotilla 13, Israel’s naval commandos; and, others units and agencies spearheading Israel’s war on terror. Romtes systems are also the primary training tools used by some of the world’s premier Special Forces units, including many of the top units in NATO and United States order of battle.

The centerpiece of the Romtes training concept is the patented Short Circuit Target, or SCT. The SCT system provides immediate and instant live-fire feedback, making cost-effective training opportunities that are reliable, accurate, safe, and cost-effective.
The Romtes SCT system introduces a new paradigm of innovation and technology, once used by only a select and elite few, and now available to a whole new shooting world.

The Romtes Team

Natanel Tessel

CEO and co-founder of Romtes Technologies Ltd.
Since 2001 Natanel is leading the company both in strategy and patent registration
Natanel is a creative and insightful Engineer and the designer of both Target Ranges and Target Systems

Reuven Wertheim

Tactical Training Specialist
A lifetime combat & firearms trainer, and active program designer and chief instructor of SF & FR forces
Leading innovating fighting and training gear. Creator of the OTR concept for First Responders teams & Family Safe Action program for civilians

Gerrit Grundling

International Sales and Marketing Director
With more than 14 years of international business development experience Gerrit is focusing on our International
Business Development. Increasing the international commercial business of Romtes

Ori Knafo

Sales and Business Development Manager
As ex-company commander in the IDF Paratroopers, Ori is working mainly the Israeli Market increasing our market presence by focusing on the local military and law enforcement. Working closely with all the IDF special units


20/1/2021 Romtes held its first every talk show. Inspired by our desire to be at the 2021 Shot Show in Las Vegas, where we usually meet with our clients and do a bit of mingling. If we could not get to Vegas we made our own Vegas. The first guest was Reuven Wertheim, 45 year vertan and expert shooter. Reuven answered some questions on shooting giving tips on how to improve your time at the range and how to be a better shooter. The main take away was that you need a ... Read More
January 21, 2021admin
As promised, Romtes Challenge #2 is here. Romtes Family is happy to announce the second edition of the Romtes Challenge to be held on the 25 December 2020 at Ganigar Shooting Range in the North of Israel. Spots are limited so make sure you join soon to avoid dissapointment. The event is a family event and you are welcome to bring your family along, there will be 0.22 rifles ready for use to each and everyone above 16 without a firearms licence. Romtes looks forward ... Read More
December 6, 2020admin
After great success during our first ever Romtes Challenge in October, we are about to launch the second edition of this amazing family day event. During this event shooters from all walks of life will be able to get a taste for what it is to shoot a gun at Romtes SCT targets. Whether you are an experiences shooter with a gun license or a novice with no license, this day is for you. Non-licensed shooters are able to enjoy this day with 0.22 or rimfire guns. Stay tuned for more information ... Read More
December 1, 2020admin
We at Romtes are super happy with the first ever Romtes Challenge, held on the 30th of October 2020 in Israel. The Romtes challenge is an opportunity for participants to experience shooting drills like "El Presidente" or "sub-10". These drills are run by a tactical specialist with more than 45 years of experience, Reuven Wertheim Gilad). Thank you to all exibitors and participants that made this event a huge success. Stay tuned for information about our next event. ... Read More
November 3, 2020admin
THE "REAL SHOOTER" channel has reviewd the SCT pro About Real shooter channel - The idea behind the Real Shooter channel is to create videos that hopefully entertain and educate. The main focus is just to give back to the shooting community by posting videos of some of the shooting we do and equipment we use. I saw what I think is a niche not being filled by many on YouTube. There are plenty of review channels but I don't get the feeling too many of them actually shoot the guns beyond what they need for a review. This channel ... Read More
September 27, 2016admin
Romtes Technologies Ltd., a provider of innovative tactical training solutions for Israel’s top-tier special operations and counterterrorist units, is proud to introduce the Short Circuit Target (SCT) interactive system to the global civilian, military, and law enforcement market. The SCT system incorporates a uniquely Israeli combination of pragmatic innovation and born-in-battle lessons-learned. The live-fire target system can be used with all ammunition calibers and provides immediate and highly-accurate (nearly 100%) scoring. Each SCT target can absorb hundreds of hits, making it one of the most economical live-fire target systems ever produced. The SCT is lightweight and mobile, and ideal for static ... Read More
December 28, 2015admin


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Having lived in countries where security is top priority, you never quite realize how important security is until you come up close and personal with real threats. We often think it will never happen to me. I remember the first time I was attached at knife point, when I was 13-14 years old. It happened in South Africa walking home school, 7 guys circled me and wanted R5 (about 0.50cents USD). I still remember the smells of these guys and the half circle facial wound of their leader, with blue stitches from his left eye, ... Read More
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Every since I was young, I was told the importance of training. I am sure you have heard the saying "you play the way you practice" I remember my first team coach hammer this down after every practice.. The other day I read an article by Sheriff Jim Wilson titled - Training is Just as Important as the Firearm You're Carrying. In it he explains the importance of knowing how to use your firearm. “Don’t tell me what you carry—show me what you can do with it.” Sheriff ... Read More
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Do you remember the first time you shot a rifle? I remember the adrenalin flowing through my veins, the smell of the morning rain and the excitement in the air, when I was 8 years old, pulling the trigger of, my grandfathers, .303 Lee-Enfield (No4 Mk2) rifle. Wow, what a rush, and wow what a kick... My shoulder was blue and yellow for 2 weeks after that. I also remember me and my dad competing in the backyard, with our Winchester .22 bolt-action, shooting at homemade paper targets at 50 yards. Since I was the youngest, ... Read More
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