Firmware Update

Firmware Update

Romtes is are happy to announce that we have a firmware update for our Display tablet.

Please feel free to download the Firmware Update after registration.

Updates include:

  1. New reset function. Short press resets the current display data. Long press on the Reset button resets all targets.
  2. When there is more than one target connect to the display, the display will now show the target that was hit last.
  3. When a hit is recorded the specific zone is will flash.
  4. Zone Buzz mode. You are now able to enable and disable the buzzer for any zone you want.
  5. New Scoring mode. This is allows you to set a score for each zone based on your requirements. Fantastic for keeping track of your performance and competition between friends. Negative scores up to 9 can now be entered in areas. The count values that the score displays are from 99 to 999. ** If there are results greater than 99 or 999 the system will continue to count the result for them, in terms of the monitor they will look like it is starting to count again, but the counter is still working **

Let’s get busy.

Firmware Update
electronic smart targets

Thank you for reading the information about the Firmware Update