Front Line Action

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Front Line Action

Having lived in countries where security is top priority, you never quite realize how important security is until you come up close and personal with real threats. We often think it will never happen to me.

I remember the first time I was attached at knife point, when I was 13-14 years old. It happened in South Africa walking home school, 7 guys circled me and wanted R5 (about 0.50cents USD). I still remember the smells of these guys and the half circle facial wound of their leader, with blue stitches from his left eye, right down to his mouth. I also, remember the first time I was outside, unprotected, with my kids in a park when a rocket attack was launched at central Israel. During these challenging times, we realize what we are made off and if you are prepared to deal with a threat or not. Fight or flight….

Being ready to face challenges is critical not just for you as an individual but also for countries as a whole. For this reason, it is not surprising, that Israel is spending 5.9% of its annual GDP on security. This was about USD20.9 million in 2019 alone. With a large portion of this being spent on training and preparations for worst case scenarios. Reading this, made me realize again the importance of improving the quality of our training. I also realized that there is no substitute for preparing with the best equipment and instructors.

In Israel each person at the age of 18 is required to do either 2- or 3- years military service. The realization that saving time (to make time for more training) and improving the efficiency of training of soldiers are forcing some company commanders and special forces units to look at new ways to improving their training.

I love using the SCT system, it gives me the opportunity to get instant feedback and help me give instant corrections to my soldiers. This system is improving our efficiency greatly. – Company Commander, elite fighting unit, IDF

We were very lucky to have spend a day with some very special bunch of soldiers at a very special location in the north of Israel. We let them have a go at our short circuit targets with some awesome machinery. They used 5.56 and 7.62 calibers amongst others. We ran some awesome drills on very challenging terrain and at a variety of distances.

Asking oneofthe18-year-old soldiers about the experience of using the SCT system after the training, he stated very simply, “we are the best we train with the best instructors and equipment”. How is your training sessions look like? Don’t you think its time to step up?

Just another amazing day shooting lead, because every hit counts. Making the difference in our own unique way.