Romtes Technologies Ltd., a provider of innovative tactical training solutions for Israel’s top-tier special operations and counterterrorist units, is proud to introduce the Short Circuit Target (SCT) interactive system to the global civilian, military, and law enforcement market.
The SCT system incorporates a uniquely Israeli combination of pragmatic innovation and born-in-battle lessons-learned. The live-fire target system can be used with all ammunition calibers and provides immediate and highly-accurate (nearly 100%) scoring. Each SCT target can absorb hundreds of hits, making it one of the most economical live-fire target systems ever produced. The SCT is lightweight and mobile, and ideal for static shooting, as well as for assault team tactical scenarios and sniper training.
The SCT has created a new paradigm of innovation and technology—one once used solely by a select and elite few, but that is now available to the entire shooting world.
“Our unique target system , enable our clients to use the same system for over 80% of their training scenarios, using the same target system “Said Mr. Natanel Tessel Romtes CEO , “We are lunching the new SCT pro that will be available for Millions of users worldwide”