New Romtes Training

New Romtes Training

ROMTES TECHNOLOGIES LTD is proud to present our new training department.

We are now not only building ranges or manufacturing patented target systems, but we are also providing training for everyone from shooting instructor to young shooters.

Before we get excited by unpacking the new ROMTES SCT Pro targets lets cover the well-known NRA fundamentals of shooting range safeties:

  1. All guns are always loaded.
  2. Never aim at anything you are not willing to destroy.
  3. Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on the target.
  4. Identify your target, and what is behind it.

With Reuven Wertheim, with more than 45 years of shooting instructing and training experience, at the helm of this department, we want to invite you to view all the services we offer here.

Romtes Training Instruction
New Romtes Training

There are three reasons why it is important to get firearms training. The first reason is safety, the second is education, and the third is learning the fundamentals. Every day, we are bombarded with misinformation both intentional and unintentional. For the average person, it’s hard to know what the facts are, based on news, television, movies and social media. It can be difficult to see through the hurricane of information.

Reason 1.

Safety and education are synonymous with each other, and some might argue that they are one in the same. However, I beg to differ. I could tell a student everything they need to know about a firearm, but as soon as I ask them to pick up a firearm, the majority of the time their finger immediately finds the trigger. This happens before any other safety violations, which is why I argue safety is first and separate from education. 

So why does it seem so natural for people to pick up a gun and instantly put their finger on the trigger? It could be a natural reaction when picking up an item, related to reflexes or ergonomics. But there is still something else that could be a factor: TV and movies. For example, look at any movie poster with the hero holding a gun.

Almost every character posing with a gun in a movie poster will have their finger on the trigger. This also happens in the movie itself when they muzzle everyone and have their finger on the trigger. Everything we see in media might subconsciously influence us. But this is just my opinion, and there are many other factors. This leads us to the second reason why it’s important to get training.

Reason 2.

The second reason is education. Students need to learn about the operation, functions and parts of firearms. This will dispel any myths or misconceptions about firearms. Every gun is different, so learning the operation and functions will help the student safely use the firearm. Setting the expectations of use and capabilities of firearms is important. We can help students choose the right firearm to fit their needs, such as shooting sports or hunting. I always like to say, “You don’t know… what you don’t know… until you know it.”

Reason 3

The third reason it’s important to get training is to learn the fundamentals. The fundamentals of shooting any firearm will improve accuracy as students advance their training. The fundamentals can also reset yourself, undoing any training scars and get you back on the right path. Maintaining accurate shots increases safety; remember that every bullet is the shooter’s responsibility. Stray shots or ricochets can be dangerous or cause property damage. Know your target and what’s beyond it. 

Let’s get busy with the New Romtes Training!!!