Now also available through Halevi.Partner – Austria


Now also available through Halevi.Partner – Austria

Romtes is very happy to welcome Halevi.Partner to the Romtes Family. Our products are Now available in Austria through Halevi.Partner.

Halevi.Partner offers security training, firearm training, close combat and strategy training. Subsequently, Halevi.Partner offers this for security personnel, bodyguards, and security companies. They also deal with in-house security departments and for private individuals.

The Halevi.Partner security training is based on the two main pillars of responsible and professional security training. The first, Close-to-real-life-training-conditions. The second safety of trainees. Based on this Halevi.Partner trainers are professional with a background is fighting units of international counter-terrorism units and elite bodyguards. Together with expertise in event and property security.

Halevi.Partner training applies only best practice methods from the world’s best military, anti terror and police units. Every single technique taught has been developed by the world’s best task forces. We have also been tested over and over in real life conditions.

Training methods range from rock-hard basic training to situational exercises that use the latest force-on-force firearms and ammunition. We also use video simulation systems for firearm use.

The spectrum of training scenarios ranges from complex team exercises in professional personal protection. Not only this but also in self-defense situation of a private firearm owner in his own home.

We are so happy that our product is Now available in Austria.

For more information please contact them on their website.

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