Now available in Denmark – Skanacid A/S


Now available in Denmark – Skanacid A/S

Romtes is very happy to welcome Skanacid A/S to the Romtes Family. Our products are Now available in Denmark through Skanacid A/S.

SKANACID A/S, established 1947, is mainly acting as agent representing US and European companies with a range of products for aircraft’s, shipbuilding, industry, power plants, armed forces, offshore and onshore oil and gas companies.

Skanacid A / S has, since the change of ownership on 1 May 2015, undergone major changes. The business base has been expanded with several products. The weighting between the 3 segments has been reorganized and the processes have been streamlined.

Skanacid A / S is run by 5 people, each with their defined work areas. Susan Lindenskov manages finances, warehousing and purchasing. Birthe Gade Ravn takes care of order processing, internal sales and logistics. Christopher Heideby is Key Account Manager, with responsibility for sales and order processing within Defense & Security. Peter Kure is sales manager with primary focus on sales of our insulation products in Scandinavia. Kim Eriksen leads the business, business developer and actively participates in the daily sales work.

A dynamic team, which is constantly on the move and is now looking for opportunities, with a view to expanding the store.

We are so happy that our product is Now available in Denmark.

For more information please contact them on their website.