Now available in Mexico – Maguen Group


Now available in Mexico – Maguen Group

Romtes is very happy to welcome Maguen Group to the Romtes Family. Our products are Now available in Mexico through Maguen Group.

Maguen Team ® is an Israeli-originated company, established in Mexico in 2008, providing high-level security solutions. Its team consists of Israeli security experts including former IDF Commanders, and special agents from the Israeli Security Agency SHIN BET and embassies around the world.

Drawing on its vast experience in the international security field, its team has the knowledge and capability to utilize the most effective methods and procedures in the Mexican and Latin American atmosphere.

By creating and managing custom security solutions adapted to the individual needs of each client, they provide all resources necessary to safeguard its clients and their interests from potential risks.

For more information on the services they provide we invite you to visit their services page.

We are so happy that our product is Now available in Mexico & Central America.

For more information please contact them on their website.