Stop argument, use the SCT Pro

Stop argument, use the SCT Pro

SCT PRO — If you own a gun you have shot at a target. If you shot at a target alone or with friends, you have had an argument about whether you made the hit or where you hit the target. If you ever had this argument most likely that you have to walk to the target to check it….

Shooting at targets is an age-old activity that is enjoyed by millions yearly.
ROMTES TECHNOLOGIES LTD has been developing smart shooting targets that for the last 25+ years has been used in Israel by special forces and other secretive units. After some amazing improvements in design, functionality and reliability Romtes has now made the SCT Pro system available, and affordable for the masses. Yes, even you can own one, at a price that would cost you less than the latest iPhone.

Romtes is proud to have partnered with distributors and agents around the world, including countries such as Austria, Czech, United Kingdom, Denmark, United States, Chile, Brazil and Colombia, to name a few.
Reuven Wertheim, ex-special forces trainer and shooting instructor, states that when conducting shooting training it is critical that you have a purpose, and that the SCT Pro system makes his training that he conducts, easier to set the purpose. “The system is the best training tool and every shooter that wants to improve his shooting training should have one.”

The Romtes SCT Pro system allows you to quickly and easily set up and training in various scenarios and also it reduces the time you need to go check your hits, thus making your training up to 5 time more efficient.
What makes the system unique is that it can tell you where you hit, up to 8 different scoring zone. This patented ability allows shooters to really zone in on specific areas whether at 5 yards or 1600yards. The system also works in any shooting condition, day or night and with any weapon, from 0.22 to 50Cal.
Should you be interested in knowing more on where to get yourself a system contact us through our website
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