Importance of training

by Gerrit Grundling

Importance of training

Every since I was young, I was told the importance of training. I am sure you have heard the saying “you play the way you practice” I remember my first team coach hammer this down after every practice..

The other day I read an article by Sheriff Jim Wilson titled – Training is Just as Important as the Firearm You’re Carrying. In it he explains the importance of knowing how to use your firearm.

“Don’t tell me what you carry—show me what you can do with it.” Sheriff Jim Wilson

This article made me think, why we are so fascinated by what hardware is riding in our holster. When you meet a fellow gun enthusiast, the first thing you ask him/her is, what do you carry, or what are you packing. Right?

You never ask them how do you train or with what do you train. Or even more basic, do you know how to use that….

Life however taught me that training/practice is true and important but not enough. Very importantly you also need the right type of equipment. Like the old saying goes “You do not send a soldier to war without a gun.”

This is also very true when it comes to marksmanship training. When Simo Häyhä, the Finnish sharpshooter nicknamed the White Death, or navy seal Chris Kyle, aka the Devil from Ramadi, became legends for their amazing marksmanship, with more than 660 kills between them, they did not do so with their skill only. They used the best weapons of their time and also it is well documented that they trained, trained and yes you know it, trained.

When Michael Jordan said “I’ve always believed that if you put in the work, the results will come.” I hear him say, Proper practice, with intention, determination and proper equipment, equals proper results.

This philosophy we at Romtes has taken to the next level, we have advanced target systems that allows you to train your marksmanship, regardless of the distance, caliber or weather conditions. We want you to not only shoot but also learn during the training.

I truly believe that by adding SCT Pro to your training ground will ultimately, if not immediately, bring about a significant improvement in your marksmanship ability.