Now Available in Canada – Wolverine Supplies


Now Available in Canada – Wolverine Supplies

Romtes is very happy to welcome Wolverine Supplies to the Romtes Family. Our products are Now available in Canada through Wolverine Supplies.

Growing up in England John has always had a keen interest in firearms. He spent almost all of his spare time shooting. First with a BSA rifle in .22LR for rabbits on the farm and also with his Lee Enfield .303 rifle in the school Army Cadet Corps. It has always been his biggest passion. 

What most people don’t know is Wolverine Supplies is John and Pat’s second business in the firearms industry. The first was a very small partnership called Camphill Sporting Guns and was operated while they were still living in England. This was mainly centered round the birth of IPSC in the UK. John competed in his first UK IPSC match in 1976.

After immigrating to Canada in 1982 John and Pat purchased a farm in Manitoba. Times were tough and after a few years the farming operation started to flounder so they decided to turn John’s passion for firearms into a business again. And so in 1989 Wolverine Supplies was born. The beginning was tough with few supporters but after years of selling firearms and ammunition at gun shows the hard work and dedication paid off and Wolverine Supplies has grown into a thriving business. 

When the business was starting, consideration of possible security concerns was given. John and Pat wanted a name that did not identify the business as a firearms company. Wolverines call the Assiniboine valley home and are well known for their tough, tenacious skills, skills that are also needed to build and grow a business in the highly competitive and always evolving firearm industry. This inspired the name, Wolverine Supplies.

Today, Wolverine Supplies employs many dedicated team members. Their goal is to deliver exclusive products to customers with honest expert advice and superior customer support and service.

Wolverine Supplies caters to all types of shooting requirements, from hunters and target shooters, collectors, as well as police and military customers from all across Canada. Their business philosophy is to supply quality service and full support on everything they sell, while supplying affordable firearms and accessories. 

electronic target system

For more information on the services they provide we invite you to visit their services page.

Wolverine Supplies is located in the scenic Assiniboine Valley just 10 miles North East of Virden, MB. If you are in the area we invite you to visit their showroom and meet the friendly staff. 

We are so happy that our product is Now available in Canada.

For more information please contact them on their website.