SCT PRO -- If you own a gun you have shot at a target. If you shot at a target alone or with friends, you have had an argument about whether you made the hit or where you hit the target. If you ever had this argument most ... Read More
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Romtes Technologies was invited by the IDPA to use the SCT Pro target system as the target system for this weekends training session. We had a fantastic time. Looking forward to the next time. The SCT Pro provided immediate feedback and give to each ... Read More
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Romtes is very happy to welcome Skanacid A/S to the Romtes Family. Our products are Now available in Denmark through Skanacid A/S. SKANACID A/S, established 1947, is mainly acting as agent representing US and European companies with a range of products for aircraft's, shipbuilding, industry, ... Read More
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Attention Beginners,  These are some of ROMTES tips for those who started late in life, or for some, hopefully, good reason, were too busy and is now finally ready and has the time to spend some time at the shooting range.... Read More
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Romtes is happy to announce that we will be exhibiting at this years' Range Retailer Business Expo. This will take place in Florida from the 12-14 July 2021. Romtes will be at booth #432. NSSF’s Range-Retailer Business Expo is the ... Read More
May 18, 2021admin
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Would you use a pistol to take out a target at 1 mile? or would you use a rifle to shoot at a target 16-feet away? No, unless left as a last resort, no one in their right mind would. Knowing this is considered basic in the shooting ... Read More
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New Romtes Training

ROMTES TECHNOLOGIES LTD is proud to present our new training department. We are now not only building ranges or manufacturing patented target systems, but we are also providing training for everyone from shooting instructor to young shooters. Before we get excited ... Read More
April 8, 2021admin


Romtes is very happy to welcome Halevi.Partner to the Romtes Family. Our products are Now available in Austria through Halevi.Partner. Halevi.Partner offers security training, firearm training, close combat and strategy training. Subsequently, Halevi.Partner offers this for security personnel, bodyguards, and security companies. They also deal ... Read More
April 5, 2021admin
Now Available in the UK


Romtes is very happy to welcome Highland Defence to the Romtes Family. Our products are now also available in the UK through Highland Defence. Highland Defence as part of the Highland Outdoors strategic growth plan. Highland Defence, is its division that is specialising in the ... Read More
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Now available in the USA


Romtes is very happy to welcome ZFI to the Romtes Family. Our products are now also available in the USA through ZFI. ZFI-Inc is an Israel-American based company, founded by ex-IDF (Israeli Army) officers. With the sole purpose of marketing and distributing top-quality defense ... Read More
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